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InnoTeq Ltd.

InnoTeq Ltd. is located in Pécs (Hungary) and works on solutions related to Digitalization for Manufacturing in the context of Manufacturing

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Who we are?

Software development company providing IT solutions

- more than 15 years of experience

- more than 30 colleagues and experts in our professional team: software developers, systems analysts, project leaders, museum experts, AI, ER and 3D professionals

- more than 100 projects

What we do?

- Using world’s leading technologies:

- Software development of innovative Multimedia and Extended Reality solutions (Augmented and Virtual Reality)

- Geographic Information Systems

- Mobile and web2 applications

- Interactive multimedia and educational applications

- Database migration

- Development of customer management systems

How we do?

- Our visualization solutions make the discovery of digital collections, museum exhibitions, archive documents and maps a thrilling adventure;

- With the possibilities of GIS and Augmented Reality new dimensions are opened in content presentation.

Why we do?

- Not only do our customers expect solutions to their problems, but they want to enjoy every moment of their work;

- Not only do they want to see the final result, but also the way to it.