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ARTES 4.0 is located in Pontedera (PI) (Italy) and works on solutions related to Digitalization for Manufacturing in the context of Manufacturing

ARTES 4.0: Advanced Robotics and enabling digital TEchnologies & Systems 4.0

ARTES 4.0 was created to unite University Partners, Research Bodies, Highly Qualified Training Institutes, Foundations, Third Sector & No Profit entities, but also private Associations and Innovative Companies in order to provide Partners and industry (in particular SMEs) technologies and services responding to their needs through guidance, training, innovation projects, industrial research and experimental development

The 114 private shareholders represent a total turnover of over 43 billion euros, equal to approximately 3% of the Italian GDP, through the participation of 17 large companies, to which one must add Companies associated to participating incubators and accelerators.

In addition, the presence of 10 Medium-sized Enterprises, 32 Small Enterprises, 35 Micro Enterprises and 17 Foundations / Third Sector Entities / Companies and Non-profit Bodies guarantees the opening of the CC skills offer thanks to the contribution of partners high level of dynamism.