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Krisztian Szanto

Senior Consultant & Key Account Manager at MaxWhere Solutions Zrt.

I am a Senior Consultant and Key Account Manager at MaxWhere Solutions Zrt. 

We are a company that specializes in providing 3D virtual digital twin solutions for various industries and logistics.  This digital twin allows users to visualize, analyze and optimize their operations, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings. Additionally, the digital twin allows for remote collaboration and decision-making and the ability to simulate and test changes before implementation.

With MaxWhere, organizations can have a better understanding of their operations and make data-driven decisions to optimize their processes and improve overall performance.

I am dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to my clients, helping them to improve operational efficiency, increase revenue and streamline processes. I am always looking for new ways to add value to their businesses with MaxWhere and I am committed to delivering the best possible results.